Newhall, Bradford

Listed building conservation

The restoration of this significant 17th century Hall was a positive collaboration between the Client, Contractor, Local Authority, Historic England and myself.

The conversion to a golf club house and course, the increased demands on Rooley Lane to the rear to become a primary vehicular network, and ultimately the creation of an industrial estate on the golf course, culminated in compromising the setting of the Newhall as the focal

The Client’s desire to reside in the Hall, was a positive influence on aspects of the refurbishment, such as the investment in high quality elements such as the windows, the insulation solution, reroofing, and new masonry. Being a quarrying family, their commitment to the latter resulted in some beautiful detailing and feature stonework.

Other than M&E installations, limited contemporary interventions were made, such as the glazed panels to the north and west walls, and the new staircases. These followed a considered appraisal of the impact they might have on significance, in collaboration with the Conservation Officer, and it was felt they would not detract from the building, its setting or its composition, all of which were being strengthened after years of negative impact and neglect. (Burra Charter Articles 14, 15, 21 & 22).

The project was supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.




Frank Marshall Estates


Frank Marshall Estates

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