Sunny Bank Mills – Historic England asks for help

Our Client, Edwin Woodhouse & Co. Ltd receive letter from Historic England asking for help…..

Our Client, Edwin Woodhouse & Co. Ltd have been asked by Historic England to assist them evaluate and develop the best practice for the conversion and regeneration of mill buildings in order to assess and develop viable solutions for a sample of 10 vacant or underused mill buildings.

In 2010 Edwin Woodhouse & Co. Ltd commenced a multi-million pound regeneration of the Sunny Bank Mill complex in Pudsey, Leeds.  The preservation of the historic industrial setting was paramount in all refurbishments and the mix of more contemporary elements within the historic building fabric has produced some characterful spaces.

You can view more about Sunny Bank Mills in ‘Conservation’, ‘Masterplanning’ and ‘Retail’ sections of our website.

A copy of the letter from Historic England is attached to view.

Sunnybank Mills Textile Mills Case Study letter 24 Nov 15

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